Challenging a Will: When Can You Contest a Will in Florida?

If you’ve just discovered the contents of a relative’s Last Will and Testament and are not happy with the results, you may have grounds to contest it via a probate court. However, it’s important to note that it’s unlikely you’ll have any success if it’s simply the case that you think you should have received more. In order to contest a Will successfully, you’ll need to have a good reason to do so.

Questioning the Validity of the Will

The most solid reason for contesting a Will in Florida is if you believe that its validity is compromised. For example, if you suspect that your relative was forced to change the Will under duress, or if they acted in error, without real knowledge of what they were doing, these may be suitable grounds for challenging the contents.

Also, if you have evidence to suggest that the Will has been altered fraudulently, this is also good reason to contest it. (more…)

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Agreeing to Divide Inheritance in Florida: What Does the Law Say about Oral Agreements?

If you’re not an expert in legal matters, understanding probate law in Florida can be difficult. A common question that people want to know, after the death of a parent or even grandparent, is: Can the inheritance be legally divided, just based on a verbal agreement among siblings?

Oral Agreements and the Law

In Florida, it’s generally acknowledged that if an oral agreement is to be accepted as legally binding, it needs to feature consideration. (more…)

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