Fire Damage Claims in Florida

Fire Losses unfortunately cause the destruction of substantial structural components and the loss of significant personal property items.  When dealing with your insurance company after reporting a Fire Loss, remember that your carrier is operating a business, with a natural incentive to wrongfully deny or undervalue the damages you sustained in your loss.  Your policy and Florida law will provide a backdrop for your ability to recover for losses associated with fire damage.  You may have special limits of liability for certain personal property items or categories of items such as antiques or jewelry.

Initially after reporting an insurance claim for a Fire Loss in Florida it is important to not sign any release or other documents without consulting a professional. We also strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to speak with someone prior to providing a recorded statement.   Although your assigned adjuster or third party adjuster may be friendly and approachable, don’t forget that your insurance company will tightly construe the terms, conditions and exclusions in your policy when making a determination regarding coverage.  (more…)

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