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Florida Probate Guide


If you’re like most of the people we speak with the Florida Probate process can seem intimidating and extremely stressful, especially when compounded with the loss of a loved one. We have probated cases throughout the State of Florida and have designed this e-book to give you an overview of some of the basic concepts and procedures that you will encounter. Inside you will find answers to basic substantive and procedural Florida Probate Issues including:

* What is Probate?

* The different types of Probate in Florida

* Testate versus Intestate Estates

* Dealing with Creditor Claims

Summary Administration overview and procedures

* Formal Administration overview and procedures

* Homestead property considerations

* Understanding the importance of a Last Will and Testament

* Checklists for preparing for Probate

* Step by Step Guidance

* Probate Litigation Basics

* Removing a Personal Representative

* Challenging a Last Will and Testament

We hope you find this information informative and useful. If after reading any portion of our e-book you would like to learn more or if you have questions about your Probate Estate, just give us a call. All Probate consultations are free.

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