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Florida Hurricane Damage Claims Attorney



The impact of Hurricane Irma will be felt by our nation and the residents of Florida for years to come. The area’s economic impact and loss of life have no equals in modern U.S history. If your area of Florida was impacted by Hurricane Irma, you now find yourself focusing on the rebuilding that comes after a natural disaster. This comes with the added stress of reviewing your insurance policy coverages and conditions.

Our office in Tampa, Florida specializes in property damage litigation and will dedicate a significant portion of our time and resources to assist victims of Hurricane Irma. If your home or business has been affected by Hurricane Irma, our team of professionals is ready to help.

The Key to Filing a Claim: Understand Your Insurance Policy Coverages and Terms

Your Florida insurance policy may provide coverage for your business or home, but it is not written in clear and easy to understand language. Our office will aggressively pursue your insurance claim by first reviewing your policy at no charge in order to determine what coverages are available for you to recover for the damage caused to your property by Hurricane Irma.

Since we specialize in property damage litigation and insurance disputes, we understand that your rights, as well as the obligations and duties of your insurance company after Hurricane Irma, are largely dependent upon your policy. Contact our office so that we can request a full copy of your insurance policy and discuss in depth your contractual rights and ability to recover from Hurricane Irma. This will allow us to the work closely with structural engineers, environmental engineering specialists and building contractors to ensure that you obtain the benefits you deserve for your Hurricane Irma losses.

Act Immediately After Hurricane Irma

As a Florida-based law firm focused on Florida families and businesses, we know what it’s like to suffer from a storm. Hurricanes have repeatedly devastated many areas in our State and left properties vulnerable and destroyed. Be sure to take these steps immediately after Hurricane Irma to preserve your claim recovery:

1. DOCUMENT YOUR DAMAGE: Take photographs of all damaged items and materials. Even the things throw out! You may be entitled to coverage for items that you have overlooked. Your Hurricane Irma claim coverage will require proof, so it is essential that you document the full scope of your damage.

2. BE PROACTIVE: Hurricane Irma claims and hurricane claims in general are subject to the typical policy conditions that create duties for you as a policyholder after a loss. One common trap for many insureds is failing to adequately protect property from further damage. If you can take reasonable steps to preserve further damage, do so! This will improve your chance of a successful claim.

3. KEEP INVENTORY: Keep receipts of everything you must purchase in relation to Hurricane Irma, and keep a full inventory of your damaged items. It’s all in the details!

Trust Us With Your Damage Assessment
Though some insurance carriers and claim adjusters are honest and fair, just as many attempt to cut corners and make their company’s profits a priority. It is dangerous to assume your insurance adjuster after Hurricane Irma is looking out for your best interests. The team at Zoecklein Law will work with a variety of expert engineering firms, remediation companies, and contractors to ensure that you obtain realistic, complete, and honest policy benefits to restore your property and recover from Hurricane Irma.

Don’t Let a Declined Claim Stop You
If your Hurricane Irma claim has been denied and you think you cannot afford an attorney, give us a call. Our firm was created to help those who need assistance fighting insurance companies or other large corporations. We will review your claim, review your policy and if you have a case, you won’t owe us any money unless we are successful recovering insurance benefits for you.

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