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Zoecklein Law Manatee, Florida Office

Zoecklein Law in Manatee, Florida, handles a wide variety of legal proceedings with skill and professionalism. We aim to thoroughly and professionally manage the challenges in any legal dispute so that our client’s rights are protected. Our areas of legal expertise include probate, business law, family law, personal injury, property damage, landlord/tenant disputes, and foreclosure defense.  


After someone passes away, the legal process of probate may occur to distribute the deceased’s estate according to their wishes. Probate is generally necessary if the deceased didn’t have a will or estate plan. If you’re involved in a probate case, you need a trusted attorney by your side to protect the best interests of the estate holder and ensure that the beneficiaries receive their rightful inheritance. 

The attorneys at Zoecklein Law provide professional legal services for probate. With an expert understanding of Florida probate law, we handle the probate process with skill and efficiency. While ensuring that the deceased’s estate is administered properly, we help move the probate process forward so that it can be completed in a timely manner. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your probate case. 

Trust Litigation

In trust litigation, legal disputes over a trust are managed and resolved. This legal process involves disputes between beneficiaries, who inherit assets from a trust, and trustees, who are responsible for handling and distributing the assets in a trust. Additionally, trust litigation may be used to challenge the validity of a trust or the revocation of a trust. 

Cases of trust litigation go to probate court independently. In trust litigation cases involving actions against a trustee for mismanagement of trust assets, the beneficiary may claim damages, including repayment of the damages to the rightful trust beneficiaries, as well as a disgorgement of profits made by the wrongdoer. 

The attorneys at Zoecklein Law are highly experienced in trust litigation proceedings. We’ll handle your case with care and professionalism. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures that all of the assets within your estate are distributed according to your wishes. Passing away without a comprehensive estate plan may leave your assets to be distributed through a legal process called intestate succession. This may put your loved ones through a long, expensive legal process to obtain their rightful inheritance. Additionally, you’ll lose the ability to choose who manages the process of distributing your assets. 

At Zoecklein Law, our estate planning attorneys will help you create a complete estate plan. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.