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To ensure that your legal needs are properly taken care of, it’s important to find a reputable attorney, finding a reputable attorney is important. At Zoecklein Law, we provide trusted legal services in Pasco County for a broad range of legal concerns, including probate, personal injury, landlord/tenant problems, property damage, foreclosure defense, family law, and business law. 

When you enlist the services of Zoecklein Law’s experienced team of attorneys, you can trust that your legal needs will be taken care of with professionalism, expertise, and efficiency. At our firm, we always work with our client’s best interests at heart. 


In the legal process of probate, an estate is managed and distributed after its owner passes away. Without a skilled lawyer by your side, probate can be a long process with the potential for disputes. By enlisting the help of one of our probate attorneys, however, you can ensure that the deceased’s estate is distributed in agreement with their wishes. 

At Zoecklein Law, our years of experience in probate mean that we can navigate this process with the greatest possible efficiency. Our skilled attorneys provide excellent legal representation for even the most complex probate cases, helping to prevent delays and litigation. 

The probate process can be overwhelming for the friends and family of the estate holder. But, with legal assistance from Zoecklein Law, you can trust that probate will be completed with the deceased’s best wishes in mind. 

Trust Litigation

Trust litigation may dispute the legitimacy of a trust or the management of trust assets. In this legal process, which is an action independent from the probate estate, disputes over a trust are settled in probate court. 

In Florida, if a trust or the revocation of a trust was procured by fraud, distress, mistake, or undue influence, it can be made legally invalid through the trust litigation process. If a trustee violates their obligation to manage the trust assets in the best interests of the beneficiaries, the beneficiaries may claim damages. 

If you may have a trust litigation case, the attorneys at Zoecklein Law can advise you on your legal options and offer professional legal representation. 

Estate Planning

A complete estate plan ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes once you pass away. Passing away without a will can place a significant burden on your loved ones by distributing your estate through the legal process of intestate succession. This would mean that your estate would be governed by Florida’s laws of intestate succession rather than a designated executor. 

Contact the skilled attorneys at Zoecklein Law to schedule a consultation and get started on your estate plan.