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Personal Injury

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1. Insurance:

For many injuries, the at fault party may have an insurance policy that provides coverage for all or part of the loss.  This can be in the form of auto insurance, general liability insurance, or countless other potential policies.  If you have been hurt or injured by the fault of someone else, Florida law gives you a powerful investigative tool in Florida Statute 627.4137.   This is one of our favorite tools, it provides Floridians, and their attorneys, to obtain a copy of a policy from an insurer who may provide liability coverage for an incident upon written request.  This is critical to almost any personal injury case because the medical treatment you decide to obtain and whether and how to pursue recovery should always be considered with a review of the at fault party’s ability to pay for your damages.

 2. Medical Treatment:

The number one priority in any personal injury claim or accident is making our clients whole.  As a personal injury attorney, we hear a lot of lawyer jokes and comments centered around an idea that people get rich after personal injury cases.  I can tell you after having dealt with personal injury for years, we fight to make our clients whole and the large awards are not someone getting rich but instead are a recognition of the fact that someone has suffered permanent medical injury that will require long term medical care.  As you might expect, obtaining top quality medical assessment and treatment is absolutely critical in every single personal injury case.  If you have no insurance or physician that can provide the proper treatment you need for your injury, we will help you provide the right medical provider for your injuries, no matter what they are.

 3. Whats my case worth?

Florida law generally allows for the recovery of damage in personal injury cases for (1) past medical bills (2) future medical bills (3) pain and suffering.  Past medical bills are of course the easiest measure of damage to calculate.  If you will require future medical attention to treat your injuries, we will make sure that your condition is examined by only the most qualified and respected medical professionals in their field.  After all, a large portion of your case is dependent on the correct identification of what your future damages will be.  After the Judge, Jury and lawyers are through with your case, you will be stuck with your medical condition.  Finally, you are entitled to pain and suffering that arose from your injury.  In this category, an experienced and skilled personal injury can get great results.  We work closely with all our clients to make sure they get the recovery they deserve.  Don’t settle your case or claim for less than what your owed.

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In Florida, an injured party has only 14 days after a car accident in which to receive medical treatment for the initial determination on whether an emergency medical condition exists. The failure to get this determination within 14 days may prevent you from taking advantage of all of your car insurance benefits. Act Now and call your Florida Personal Injury Law Firm Today.

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