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If you are facing a legal challenge, you need an attorney you can trust. We provide high quality and personal service in the Brandon area to all our clients. Our goal is to help you navigate the difficulties of a legal situation as quickly and as comprehensively as possible. We provide services to those individuals dealing with landlord/tenant problems, property damage, personal injury, family law, probate litigation, business law, or foreclosure defense.

Probate Administration & Trust Administration

We take the stress out of Probate and Trust administration by giving our Clients clear and experienced assistance with the administration of Estates. Our Brandon office has handled hundreds of Probate Administrations throughout the State of Florida.

Probate Litigation

When a loved one passes away, disputes can emerge about the management of probate or the validity of a will or trust. If you suspect that conflicts could become an issue in your situation, contact a Brandon probate litigator sooner rather than later.

Trust Litigation

Florida law allows for the creation of Trusts as part of an Estate plan. Unfortunately the administration of Trusts is subject to fraud, negligence or simply failing to disclose the appropriate information to beneficiaries. We litigate Trust disputes throughout the State of Florida.

Landlord/Tenant and Possession Actions

Our office can assist you removing a delinquent tenant, or holdover tenant or squatter by filing an eviction, ejectment or wrongful detainer depending on your circumstances. A conflict in the contractual relationship between a landlord and tenant can generate legal difficulties. Handling these problems promptly and professionally is the goal of our firm.

Partition Actions

The forced sale of a Property between two owners is called a Partition under Florida law. We can assist you in freeing up the equity in a Property that you want to sell or if your Property is being Partitioned our office can assist you in recovering the expenses and credits from the sale you deserve.

Property Damage

The Florida climate and geography provides a unique set of challenges that residents might face in the form of property damage. Handling the aftermath of property damage is a challenging prospect—make sure you have a property insurance dispute lawyer on your side should this occur.

Business Law

As a business owner, you will undoubtedly come across legal concerns and questions that must be addressed—not just when you open your doors for business, but also over the course of day-to-day operations. For a long-term relationship you can trust, contact a Brandon business law attorney.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense is a complex field of law. Struggling with the potential loss of your home can be most overwhelming. Having someone in your corner to inform you of your options and to help you work through this complicated conflict is the best path you can take for protecting your home and your future. Contact a Brandon foreclosure defense attorney as soon as such problems arise.

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