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Florida Roof Damage

Many times, your insurance company will hire an expert to provide a report and an analysis regarding whether the existing damage to the roof was cause by either wind or hail damage or alternatively if there is a different reason why the roof structure is failing.  Luckily for homeowners, a damaged roof will often show classic signs of distress like bent or creased shingles, broken shingles or materials under the shingles.   Many times, these experts write reports that are either extremely biased or flat out wrong.

In our experience, most insurance companies will initially either deny or offer only cheap settlement figures for roof claims.  Our office has extensive experience handling property insurance disputes.  We will work to get you the compensation you deserve.  You may be able to recover:

  1. The replacement cost of the entire roof
  2. The replacement of the substructure
  3. The replacement of contents damaged by the roof
  4. Business Interruption
  5. Loss of Use

If you claim has been denied or you are about the file a claim, it is important that you take action quickly.  Our office will review any roof claim denial and provide you with a qualified inspection of your roof damage.

To see how our property damage attorney may be able to help you, fill out the free case evaluation form.

Hire The Experts

If you are thinking about filing a roof claim or have already filed a claim that has been denied, our office may be able to help you.  As in most property insurance claims, it pays off to have good experts.  The first thing will be necessary is an inspection of the roof damage.  If you have a claim for hail damage or damage to a roof caused by a storm, there will be tell-tale indicators of damage to the roof.