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Waiver of Spousal Rights Under Florida Probate Law

WAIVER OF SPOUSAL RIGHTS UNDER FLORIDA PROBATE LAW Florida probate law contains numerous protections for a surviving spouse.  These interests include what is referred to as an Elective Share (a minimum entitlement to the Estate by law), preference of appointment in intestate proceedings, and rights to elect either a ½ interest in homestead property or… Continue reading Waiver of Spousal Rights Under Florida Probate Law

Advanced Planning For Minors

FLORIDA LAW: WHO TAKES CARE OF MY CHILDREN IF I DIE? Not surprisingly a common concern among our Clients is the care and wellbeing of their minor children in the event of incapacity or death.  If you fail to plan accordingly the care of your minor children may be at the mercy of the determination… Continue reading Advanced Planning For Minors