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Zoecklein Law P.A. Sarasota, Florida Office

For the best legal representation in Sarasota and surrounding areas, trust the legal team at Zoecklein Law P.A. Southwest Florida families trust us with all their estate planning and civil litigation needs, including probate, trusts, personal injury claims, property damage claims, family law, housing disputes, and business affairs. We’ll have your back with the expertise, competence, and confidence Zoecklein Law P.A. has become known for on the Gulf coast.


When you’ve lost a loved one, dealing with the distribution of their assets is the last thing you want to do. Give yourself time to grieve by allowing our probate experts to fairly and equitably deal with your loved one’s estate. Many common disputes and arguments can be avoided by using a reputable law firm with experience in estates to lawfully divide the assets.

Why choose a law firm for probate instead of handling it yourself? Well, probate cases can be quite complex. People often report feeling like they’re in a fog just after losing a loved one, and unable to think clearly. This is not the condition you want to be in when handling something as important as probate.

By allowing our talented legal team at Zoecklein Law P.A. to assist you through the probate process, you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled with compassion and care that is unmatched in Sarasota County.

Trust Litigation

Trust issues can come up during and after probate, especially disputes over funding and mismanagement. Trusts can be disputed when they are created, changed, or revoked due to:

  • Fraud
  • Duress
  • Mistake
  • Undue influence

Disagreements over trusts cannot be handled in the same process as probate and must be dealt with in a completely separate case. At Zoecklein Law P.A., we will handle your trust litigation fairly and without delay. Our attorneys will help you get what you deserve and ensure it is managed wisely.

Estate Planning

A carefully planned estate will give you peace of mind and take the burden of dealing with probate law off of your loved one’s shoulders. Zoecklein Law P.A. is Sarasota’s expert estate planning firm, helping families navigate Florida’s laws and develop a Last Will & Testament or Revocable Living Trust that will protect your loved ones when you’re gone.

With our skilled estate planning services, you are in total control of where your assets end up. Without a will or trust in place, your hard-earned money will be in the hands of the state to divide.

For all your probate, trust, or estate planning needs in Sarasota, contact Zoecklein Law P.A. today. Our team will provide the exceptional service you deserve when planning your legacy.